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10 Ideas to Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Page

According to a recent search on Google, an average of 1.47 billion people log onto Facebook every single day. That statistic is from June 2018 and the data is astounding. It begs the question: are you tapping into this social media platform with your Facebook Page? If not, you’re missing out!

We’ve built our company primarily through our Facebook page, word of mouth, and some traditional media such as TV and print. However, it must be said that the Big Blue Couch Coaching Facebook Page has always been our #1 spot for advertising and engaging with our Champions, as well as new clients. It’s our go-to platform for community building!

Today, I want to share with you our top ideas for building your Facebook Page. These ideas range from free to small-size advertising budget ideas. Here goes…

10 Ideas to Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Page:

1. Ask a “just for fun” question. 

It’s called social media for a reason. People LOVE to share their opinions and a great way to learn about your audience is to ASK fun questions! Get creative and ask questions about things that YOU enjoy so you can find out more about the lives and personalities of your audience. A few examples of questions to ask include…

  • RANDOM: What’s your favorite movie?
  • If you could only wear ONE for the rest of your life, what would you pick – lipstick or mascara?
  • Sunrise or Sunset? Which would you choose?

2. Post a blogpost article but use compelling words in the post, then boost the post.

Posting a blogpost without an intriguing description won’t cut it. Grab their attention to make them read more! A simple way of doing this is to copy and paste a short, compelling paragraph from the blogpost and then use that as your description in the post. Then type “read the full article below” or something similar. Once the post is published, boost it for $5 for a day or two and see how it does. If it is popular, maybe boost it longer. If not, no big deal.

3. Facebook Like Ads for $2-$5 a day. 

Never underestimate the power of steady growth. Facebook Like ads don’t have to be expensive. Use a clever tagline or an inspirational saying as your ad words and track how well it does.

4. Give encouragement.

We don’t need any more Debbie Downers. What we need is more encouragement and truth! Choose to rise up and be the encouragement that you crave. You’ll end up impacting your audience in the best way possible!

5. Do a LIVE video and schedule it ahead of time so people know to tune in (here’s how).

6. Share a real life photo from you day. 

People love to creep on Facebook, right? So let them SEE your life! Let them get to know who YOU are, not just your brand or business.

7. Tell a real life story of something you are overcoming. 

This builds connection and let’s them see that you are real and authentic. That is a powerful and attractive quality.

8. Make a quote photo on WordSwag and post it.

This is seriously our favorite app to use for quick quote photos. You can use your own photos or search for some stock photos from their free photo options. Just remember to add your website or logo to the graphic!

9. Share a useful tip. 

Make it quick and useful. Use emoji’s when appropriate. It can be serious or fun. Just give value!

10. Ask people to help you empower more people by sharing this post and getting the word out about an upcoming event. 

Never underestimate the power of the SHARE button! People love to help others out and more often than not it doesn’t happen because we forget to ASK. So be brave. Ask for help!


Remember that people are coming to your Facebook Page because they want to connect with YOU and what you offer. Use caution when sharing posts from other pages. Be the expert that you are and use your own content more than other people’s!

You’ve got what it takes to grow your business, your movement, your dream. Don’t let the technical difficulties and social media confusion or madness stop you. Implement even just three of these tips on a consistent basis and you’ll be amazed at the growth and engagement on your Facebook page!

~Coach Mandy

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