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12: Six Items Every Overcomer Needs

I’m an Overcomer, but I sure do love Pinterest! If you were to search my boards, you would find one titled “Fabulous Outfits.” It is here that I pin everything that I wish could be in my closet. The board is packed with, as of right now, over nine hundred and seventy pins! However, none of these outfits are going to help me be an Overcomer.

You see, the wardrobe of an Overcomer is filled with priceless riches that can’t be pinned on Pinterest or instantly ordered in a digital world. They are often unseen by the naked eye, yet more important and more valuable than all the money and material possessions this earthly world can give. In this week’s episode, we dive into six items that need to be in the wardrobe of an Overcomer. Do you have them? Grab your coffee and let’s find out!


  • Dorine McNary

    This morning I woke up much earlier than I usually do and couldn’t get back to sleep. After doing a few things to tidy up the kitchen and putting sprinklers out on the lawn, I checked my e mail and your podcast had arrived. I thought that is perfect to lay and listen to if I can’t sleep. However,I kept dozing off listening to your soothing voice! I just listened to the entirety of the podcast while baking and LOVED it. I am ashamed to say I thought I was too busy, I am a teacher, to listen to any others I have received. I now have great podcasts to listen to while doing things around the house this summer.

    May God richly bless you for spreading His Love while encouraging me!!!

    • mandyb

      Thank you for sharing this, Dorine! We all have moments where we think we are too busy for something encouraging, or we think we already “got that down.” Myself included! Proud of you for following through and I hope you gain more encouragement and insight from the other episodes! ~Mandy

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