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15: 5 Tips to Reach Your Goals

Welcome back to the She Who Overcomes Podcast! Today we are diving into 5 tips to reach your goals. Why? Well, because I have a new life goal that I want to share with you.

My new life goal is to live to be 81 AND look as fit and classy as Jane Fonda. I mean, for real. Have you seen how amazing she looks? It’s insane. Sure, maybe she’s had some work done but chances are she would still look amazing even without any enhancements simply because she takes good care of herself. I mean, I don’t know her personally, but I’m guessing someone who used to be a fitness instructor doesn’t just throw all of those habits to the curb when the going gets tough.

But I digress; I’m getting way off topic. The whole reason this goal of mine – to look fit, healthy, and classy decades from now – even matters, is because I won’t get there if I don’t pay attention to some things. You won’t reach your goals without paying attention to some things, too. So grab your coffee and let’s dive in to these 5 tips to reach your goals!

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