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34: A Conversation About Mental Health with Kelly Sisson

A voice of encouragement is so refreshing in this day and age. My guest today, Kelly Sisson, is one of those voices. Her podcast, Kelly And The Encouragers, is becoming one of my favorites – seriously look it up on Apple Podcast!

In this episode we chat about the mental health stigma, self-love, and the difference between counseling and coaching. One of my favorite quotes from her during our conversation was this: “We hear a lot about the younger generations – like they are so into their phones, they are on social media all the time – but you know what they are getting right? Talking about their mental health. They are absolutely getting this right!”

Grab your coffee and spend some time with me as I interview my new friend, Kelly Sisson! (Then be sure to tune in to her podcast on 11/12/19 for an episode with me as her guest!)

Connect with Kelly Sisson

Kelly Sisson is a wife, mother, mental health therapist, podcaster and hippie at heart who loves Earl Grey iced tea, deep conversations, and encouraging others.  She has wanted to change the world from a very young age.  After a recommendation from her older sister, Kelly decided to become a social worker and ultimately a mental health therapist.  Kelly has been the owner of Sisson Counseling Services since 2015.

Kelly has a deep desire to spread the Kelly and the Encouragers mission throughout the world.  She dreams big and takes massive action to reach her goals. And, she knows that you can too! All you need is a little encouragement to see yourself the way that the world is already seeing you.

When she isn’t working, Kelly can usually be found listening to a podcast or audiobook and spending time with her family and/or friends.  She loves spending time outside but hates bugs. Kelly enjoys finding the humor in life and loves story telling.  She believes in building your own version of your best life.

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