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42: The Power of Yes with Michaela Schell

“People bring opportunity. Sitting at home, being behind your computer, social media… none of those being opportunity. People. People hold the opportunity you are looking for. Sometimes you have to jump. There will never be a perfect moment or when everything is ready. Do the thing. Find what grounds you. Life and all the opportunity can leave you overwhelmed and frazzle. Find the things that ground you and plug in.”

Those are the wise words from today’s guest, Michaela Schell. We met in a Facebook group for women entrepreneurs back in the fall of 2019 and I have so enjoyed her company in my online space ever since!

Michaela is an entrepreneur from Fargo, ND. Along with being a wife and mom to three little kids, she has been running a successful network marketing business for over 7 years. With a Master’s Degree in Communication, her expertise in bringing training and events together has been going on for over a decade. Her previous careers as a Promotions Director and Communications Manager have put multiple conference, trade show, and large events under my belt over the last 15 years. Of all the events she has coordinated, the new Limitless conference is the closest to her heart, combining her passion for helping others grow and her deep belief in the networking marketing model. Michaela believes finding opportunity means finding people and she loves to connect with as many as possible, including you!

Grab your coffee and let’s listen in to my conversation with Michaela about The Power of Yes!

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