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45: The Mental Toll of Social Distancing

Our world has been rocked over the last week as COVID-19 hit the U.S. and became real to all of us. It has been an emotional week full of many uncertainties, bad news, and daily press conferences from our state governor. Yet, I have a peace that I’ve never had before in the face of traumatic events.

Social distancing is not new to the Cystic Fibrosis Community. We have had to practice this for decades! It is because of my familiarity with this type of lifestyle that I wanted to speak up and share some encouragement and tips to help you better handle this uncertain season we find ourselves in.

Grab your coffee and let’s have a heart to heart…

P.S. My company – RAYMA Team – wants to help you lean into healthy coping skills during this time. We’ve opened up our top resources from our Leadership University to help you keep your mind strong and lead your tribe with intention during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Download the free resources inside our Social Distancing Survival Pack now at

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