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47: The Creative Mindset with Ashton Hauff

“Creation has no age because being creative is a mindset.” When my guest, Ashton Hauff, said those words I furiously wrote them down. They hit my soul fiercely. Our conversation is one that is filled creativity and community and I know you’ll be encouraged by her wisdom and her passion!

So who exactly is Ashton Hauff? Ashton is a visual brand designer who’s passionate about community and creativity. After starting a photography business in college, her zeal for entrepreneurship has only grown. In 2017, Ashton founded Makewell, a community for makers, and in 2019 she co-founded The Good Kids, a brand collective that helps scale businesses to six figs. Most recently, Ashton also developed her first product, Evertide. The 3-month planner, designed for lady bosses, combines your to do list, schedule, and mindfulness, so you can organize everything in one place.

Grab your coffee and let’s hang out with her!

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