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57: The DAMN Plan with Kim Nagle

“Business IS personal. How you run it IS personal.” These are the wise words of my friend, Kim Nagle. We have a vulnerable conversation about her 30 years as a business owner, how she found hope again after hitting rock bottom, and about telling yourself the truth of your business and life.

In her book, The DAMN Plan To Find Freedom, Love and Money In Your Business, Kim uses her very approachable storytelling style, no excuses attitude and 30 years of entrepreneurial experience to call each of us to answer the question, “Why haven’t you done what you said you would always do?” Kim truly believes that people are capable of taking authority over their lives if they have a DAMN Plan.

Kim Nagle is a keynote speaker, author and business coach. Whether inspiring from the stage or sharing actionable next-steps and tools in coaching and training sessions, Kim is dedicated to supporting women who want to build profitable businesses they love. She has trained and coached 1000’s resulting in 275 clients launching successful enterprises.

When she isn’t helping others achieve their dreams, she spends as much time as she can with her five granddaughters – ages 10-15 – sewing, gardening and making the impossible possible. Kim says, “There is nothing more motivating than having someone look up to you, watching to see if you are doing what you said you would to achieve your dream.” 

Connect with Kim:

Pre-order your copy of Kim’s Book, The DAMN Plan For Finding Freedom, Love and Money In Your Business at

Facebook page: Kim Nagle @thedamnplan

LinkedIn page: Kim Nagle

YouTube Channel: Kim Nagle

Quotes from this episode:

“Match your skills with what people need.” – Kim Nagle

“The DAMN Plan is about the truth…the truth about your business…the truth about your life.” -Kim Nagle

“You can’t be everything to everyone.” -Kim Nagle

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