Episode 67: 2020 Year in Review
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67: 2020 Year in Review

Welcome to the final episode of the year 2020! We are about to step into a new year and leave this chaotic one behind. One of my favorite things to do at the close of a year is to review what I learned, how I grew, and what I want to take with me moving forward. This episode is a glimpse into my 2020 Year in Review, and I’m sharing it with you to help you think about your own year. Grab your coffee, and maybe a pen and paper, and let’s do a 2020 Year in Review together!

Your 2020 Year in Review:

You might be feeling many things as you think about the year that was 2020. Expectant? Relief? I think one of the best things we can step into 2021 with is the realization that there will be bumps along the road. There will be things we didn’t anticipate. One of the best realizations though is that we will step into 2021 with the reality of the pandemic still happening, but also new things on the horizon. Knowing all of this should make us feel stronger! More ready. There will always be things we can’t control as well as things we can control.

My hope is that doing this year in review with me will help you get some clarity and direction for your own life moving forward. You’ve overcome a lot, my friend. And you’re more resilient than you realize.

What to expect from the podcast in 2021:

I’ve got an exciting announcement! Starting in February 2021, the She Who Overcomes™ Podcast will be hosted by myself AND Raychel Perman! I started my podcast career with my best friend, and I’ve really missed having my sidekick with me. Instead of starting a brand new podcast, we decided to get back to the original mission of THIS podcast: To provide personal and professional development content that encourages and equips you with the skills you need to rise up as the successful Overcomer you were designed to be. 2021 will be filled with new conversations to help you transform your life, relationships, and career!

So what should you do between now and then to keep growing? Download our FREE Guide: The Overcomer’s Playbook! You can get it here: https://www.raymateam.com/Overcomers-Playbook1

I can’t wait to be with you again in February 2021, with my new co-host, Raychel Perman! Until then, be blessed, stay creative, and have a dangerous hope!

Much love,

~Mandy B. Anderson

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