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71: 5 Encouraging Podcast Shows Worth Binging

Listening to podcasts is one of the fastest ways to get inspired and learn new skills without paying to work with a coach or expert. As podcast co-hosts, we love diving into a variety of shows to help us stay growing! So today, we want to share some of our most recent favorites with you. We call this: 5 encouraging podcast shows worth binging. Grab your coffee and be sure to write these down because you’re definitely going to want to binge these podcast shows!

We Recommend: 5 Podcast Shows Worth Binging

Podcast Show #1: UES Episode 619

Raychel: My first podcast show recommendation is from The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show with Kelly Roach – Episode 619: The Stages of Hyper Growth.

This isn’t typically a topic that I would have gravitated towards. I don’t necessarily think our business is in the stage of hyper growth yet. However, I have devoured this episode! It’s very practical about what you should be focusing on when it comes to sales, building teams, and marketing in general. It helped confirm to me that where we are with RAYMA Team is exactly where we need to be.

Kelly Roach knows what she is talking about in this episode! She’s done the work and this episode is chalk full of wisdom!

Podcast Show #2: Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Mandy: My recommendation for a podcast show is from Unlocking Us with Brene Brown – the episode from January 13, 2021 called “Brene on Words, Actions, Dehumanization, and Accountability.”

The things she talks about are so relevant to where we are in our culture, in our nation, and how we get back to having respectful conversations with people who have differing opinions. There were parts where I could have cried because she talks about the words we say that dehumanize people who are different from us.

It’s a very eye-opening episode that makes you realize how much work we still have ahead of us when it comes to building connection and understanding each other.

Podcast Show #3: Glambition® Radio with Ali Brown

Raychel: The third podcast show we want to share is from Glambition® Radio with Ali Brown – episode 244 with Negotiation Expert, Alexandra Carter.

It’s a fascinating story of how women can grow their skills at negotiating. I recommend it whether you are in business or not. It gave such a different perspective than I’ve ever heard before.

Podcast Show #4: Hope, Through History

Mandy: So, I heard about this podcast show from Brene Brown in the Fall of 2020. Hope, Through History is a series of five episodes that explores how people held onto hope during trying times in the history of our world.

It was a fascinating show to listen to because we tend to think that what we have been experiencing over the last few years are things no one has ever experienced before. And that’s just not true. It was good to hear how our country got through the pandemic of 1918 and how it has affected us in our modern times.

Podcast Show #5: Good Ancestor Podcast with Layla Saad

Raychel: The final podcast show we recommend is The Good Ancestor Podcast with Layla Saad – episode 022 #GoodAncestor Aja Barber on Sustainable Fashion.

I actually recommend the entire show, but this episode was fascinating. They talk about these small choices we can make if justice is something that is important to you. This episode is a great one for a first start if you want to have more of an impact when it comes to justice and putting your money where your mouth is.

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