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72: Tips to Help You Manage Your Time

If you own your own company or you are a busy professional building your career you understand the pull to fill every moment of your time wisely. Especially if you have a family! While there are countless time management methods that claim to be the perfect solution, the truth is there is no “one size fits all” answer. However, there are a few things that can help! Especially when you suck at managing your time and all other methods have failed. In this episode, we share our top tips to help you manage your time. Grab your coffee and let’s hang out!

Manage Your Time by Scheduling Your Energy

With this tip, all you do is take your schedule day by day and assign your task list according to the amount of energy you have for the day.  This method is especially helpful if you have physical. emotional, and mental limitations that tend to sabotage your efforts at time management.

Manage Your Time by Prioritizing First Things First

If you can’t manage your time well, your task list might be too big. Or you might have too much on your schedule and don to have the actual time to complete the tasks that are important to you. Try putting first things first.  

Schedule priorities first and then add other things.

Keep eliminating until your schedule fits your life. Make your task list 3-5 things and determine which thing would make all the other thing so easier if that was completed. 

Manage Your Time by Batch Tasking Similar Tasks

Busy professionals and entrepreneurs often have a common problem of scheduling themselves in chaotic ways. You find yourself jumping around to different tasks that don’t make sense. If this sounds familiar you might want to try batch scheduling. 

For example, If you take clients make sure it’s  on certain day (Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s) or time of day (mornings or afternoons) don’t schedule meetings and client sessions willy-nilly because you will break focus every time you have to leave a project for a meeting and vice versa.

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