74: Growing Your Faith When You Don’t Go To Church

Growing your faith when you don’t go to church is a topic that many of our clients have asked for help on through the years. There are a variety of reasons why people don’t go to church, and when the pandemic started in 2020 it added another layer to the reasons. Suddenly the entire church world was thrown into the online world, whether they were ready for it or not, making it easier for people to attend any number of churches simply from their Facebook apps. However, that also made the process of growing your faith without being in church feel a bit more isolating…

As human beings, our faith and spiritual life is a big part of who we are. No matter what religion we follow. So today, because you have been asking us for insight on this topic, we dive into some solutions on how you can grow your faith when you don’t go to church. This is for everyone that wants to grow their faith, no matter what your religion. So grab your coffee, and let’s hang out…

4 Tips to Growing Your Faith When You Don’t Go To Church

Tip #1: Listen to Sermon Podcasts

One of Mandy’s favorite podcasts to listen to is the Elevation Church Podcast by Steven Furtick out of Charlotte, North Carolina. You can always count on Pastor Furtick to speak a message of vulnerability and boldness! There’s a whole category of faith and spirituality podcasts on any podcast platform so do a search to find one that you connect with!

Tip #2: Use your Bible App

Raychel highly suggests using the YouVersion Bible App. It is a free app, designed by Craig Groeschel from LifeChurch.tv, that allows you to search many different versions of the Bible. It also has an audio option and devotional studies that you can go through. The verse of the day is a great way to wake up with a faith focus as well.

Tip #3: Go through a Devotional book or study on an app

Devotional books are a great option to growing your faith when you don’t go to church! You really are the one in charge of building your faith and that requires studying the Word on your own. That is how your faith is built! It is not the responsibility of a Church to build your faith – that’s on you. If you want to build your faith with us, you can go here and purchase our Faith Coaching Bundle. This bundle includes three Faith Coaching Bible Studies that are now retired and only available on our website – the UNASHAMED study, the UNBROKEN study, and the UNRUSHED study. You’ll get the PDF download of each study, as well as videos that go with each week’s theme.

Tip #4: Do your own word study by Googling verses on that word

The topic of faith is really deep. People often ask us, “how do you grow your faith?” Or, “how do you pray?” And here’s the thing – don’t overthink it! These tips are simple, but you have to DO them. There’s no magic pill to build your faith! You simply have to follow through on the tasks that will build your faith. The daily things that you do will build your faith with God. One of the things Mandy does is Google Bible Verses that have to do with a word, such as: healed, healing, heal. Look up all those verses in one or two versions of the Bible, print it out, and then dig into your own Bible by highlighting those verses and going through them on your own. Just you and God!

Growing your faith is a lifelong process. It’s not a once and done thing! You will be learning things your entire life and you grow your faith one moment at a time. These tips will help you grow your faith whether you go to church or not. You must actively seek it out, and these tips will help!

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