She Who Overcomes Podcast

8: The Courage to Face Your Fears

Fear is a silly thing that keeps us stuck. It clouds our mind so we can’t see any other possible outcomes other than bad ones. The only way to overcome them, is to face your fears head on.

Here’s what fear doesn’t want us to know: fear can serve as a compass. In fact, it’s the best compass out there! If there’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing but you’re afraid of it, then you MUST do it because waiting on the other side of that fear is something that will equip you for your future. It’s time to grab your courage! It takes courage to face your fears…but you can do it.

Episode 8 of the She Who Overcomes Podcast continues with chapter seven: She Faces Lies & Labels (Embracing the courage to face your fears)


  • Rita

    I love what you teach. I love to listen to your podcasts over again. I always learn something and gain courage to deal with my life’s challenges!!!

  • Iris Rodenkirck

    I love the Courage to Face Your Fears. I have PTSD and am learning how to recognize my triggers and to feel. I still need to find courage to to share with others. I am so afraid to share and I know it keeps me stuck.

    Iris Rodenkirck

    • mandyb

      Iris, I’m proud of you for sharing this here! I truly believe you’ll get there one day. Trust the process and believe that your story matters. Someone needs to hear it so they can rise up, too. ~Mandy

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