83: The Choice to Grieve (Book Foreword with Raychel Perman, Part 2)

Tragedy brings grief. It is a natural cycle that every woman must go through when something or someone dies in her life. Every season of suffering brings with it the choice to heal and the choice to grieve. You can try and avoid it but there are serious consequences and the grief never really goes away- it just compounds. You bury it alive.  And I have watched enough scary movies to know that never ends well. Today’s podcast episode is part 2 of the brand new foreword for the second edition of the book, She Who Overcomes. We pray this encourages you today…

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Using Biblical truths from the book of Revelation, and personal stories of overcoming painful circumstances, She Who Overcomes equips those who want to stand firm when others crumble, persist and find purpose in their lives, and embrace the hope that only God provides. Order it now on Amazon here.

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