87: Affirmations to Build Your Resilience

The words you speak, matter. Ancient wisdom says that life and death is in the power of your tongue, and you will eat the fruit of it. This is why affirmations matter so much.

Several years ago, we developed the Truth Statement® concept. It was our way of using affirmations, but taking it a step further. The Truth Statement® concept is the art of taking God’s Word and personalizing it, and reminding yourself of who you will choose to be when the going gets tough.

A funny thing happened though as we started using this concept. We noticed that the clients that diligently applied it on a daily basis experienced profound improvements in their overall quality of life and self-worth. They stopped struggling to feel joy, happiness, and gratitude on a daily basis and instead lived in the reality of these qualities.

So today, we want to give you 12 Truth Statements® – Affirmations – that you can say to build your resilience. As you listen to us speak these, be sure to repeat them in the moments of silence afterwards. Don’t skip this! Your brain and your ears need to hear YOUR voice saying these statements. Ready? Let’s go…

Activate affirmations to build your resilience daily with our brand new Truth Statement® Prayer Journal: The One About Resilience!

The Truth Statement® Prayer Journal is the journal that encourages your faith, improves your mindset, and strengthens your leadership all at the same time!

When combined with the discipline of daily journaling, Truth Statements become a powerful tool in your leadership toolbox, whether you are leading yourself or a team of people.

Each Truth Statement® Prayer Journal focuses on a different character trait. This beautiful, hardcover journal includes 12 Truth Statements to help you strengthen your mindset and build the leadership quality of Resilience. It also includes 90 days of journal pages.

Order yours today at https://raymateammedia.com.

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  1. So excited you are having the “Beautiful Wholeness” event.
    I’m going to try to get my daughter to commit.

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