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9 Ideas to Network More

Let’s talk about networking. Everyone needs to network more, and many people get intimidated by it. Including, sometimes, yours truly. Yes. It’s true. When I over think it, I get totally intimidated by the networking idea. Which is so silly! Because, after chatting with my husband the other night, I realized that networking actually energizes me! And here I’ve been believing the silly little lie that it drains me. Nope. What actually drains me is not knowing where to start or just plain procrastinating on it. That’s draining. So I made a list for myself; I’m challenging myself to do all nine of these items in the next thirty days – and I’m sharing it here for you so you can borrow it.

Nine Quick Ideas to Network More…

  1. Grab coffee with an old friend or acquaintance and ask how you can help them grow their business.
  2. Be a guest at a networking meeting such as Master Networks.
  3. Attend a fundraiser event and meet 5 new people.
  4. Schedule breakfast, lunch, or coffee with each of the new people you met.
  5. Start a conversation with someone new at the gym.
  6. FaceTime an old friend and have a real conversation.
  7. Reach out to a mentor or colleague in the same field as you and learn from their experience.
  8. Apply to be a speaker at an upcoming event.
  9. Find a non-profit to be a part of and learn about what it takes to be on their committee.

Short. Simple. Now the kicker is to just DO IT! wink I’m all in. How about you?

Much love,
~Coach Mandy

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