90: Overcoming Your Objections

As women, we often bury our dreams. We hold onto our objections as to why we can’t go after them. Therefore, overcoming your objections is a skill that you will need to learn in order to live out the dreams that have been planted in your heart.

In a spiritual health coaching session from Beautiful Wholeness in Fargo, ND on August 25, 2018, Mandy & Raychel share how you can handle your objections by putting on the wardrobe of an overcomer. You’ll discover how to WIN in the battles of life and you’ll laugh out loud as we dive into deep spiritual concepts that will change your life.

Ladies… Beautiful Wholeness is BACK on Saturday, August 7th, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

The Beautiful Wholeness Conference is a supportive, group coaching one day experience for women who have recently emerged on the other side of a Few. Big. Years.  If youโ€™re an open-hearted, determined lady devoted to rebuild from the ashes, rise up and fight for the life youโ€™ve always wanted to lead, then this is the perfect experience for you. Space is extremely limited both in-person and virtually so grab your tickets today at https://www.raymateam.com/bw2021.

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Mandy B. Anderson and Raychel Perman are the Co-Founders of RAYMA Team, LLC. RAYMA Team, LLC is a women owned business that equips women with leadership skills to overcome obstacles in their life and career. They offer group coaching programs, leadership and workplace training, private coaching, speaking services, as well as free resources on their website. Learn how to work with them at https://www.raymateam.com/services.

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