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36: The Spoon Theory

“I have no spoons left to deal with this.” That’s a phrase my bestie used on a weekend girls trip to Minneapolis a few months ago. “No spoons? What does that mean?” I pondered out loud. Raychel then proceeded to explain to me The Spoon Theory. Ever since then, “no spoons” has been a phrase I’ve adopted. It’s a phrase that helps me give myself grace. More than that, it’s […]

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34: A Conversation About Mental Health with Kelly Sisson

A voice of encouragement is so refreshing in this day and age. My guest today, Kelly Sisson, is one of those voices. Her podcast, Kelly And The Encouragers, is becoming one of my favorites – seriously look it up on Apple Podcast! In this episode we chat about the mental health stigma, self-love, and the difference between counseling and coaching. One of my favorite quotes from her during our conversation […]

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