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    52: How I Wish It Would Have Gone

    Have you been struggling with the cancellations, the letdowns, the disappointments, and basically the year that is 2020? Yeah, me too. I’m returning to the podcast with a fresh mission and some insight that has helped me rise up and find hope in the midst of all of the uncertainty. Today’s return episode is a raw conversation with me about what I wish would have happened this year when something I was preparing for got cancelled. Guys, I basically unlock my diary for you and let you read it. Are you ready for it? Let’s dive in… Activate Your Hope… My brand new e-book, How I Wish It Would Have…

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    37: What To Do When Your Attitude Sucks

    What do you do when your hope is deferred and you start to feel like no one notices? I’ve been in a vortex of avoidance lately because of hope deferred, and what it really came down to was this: my attitude sucked. Ever been there yourself? In today’s episode, I want to share with you what to do when you notice your own attitude needs a pick-me-up. I’m also sharing 3 Mantra’s to help you turn it around so you don’t get stuck in bitterness, comparison, or jealousy. Ready? Let’s go! 3 Mantra’s To Help Your Attitude: Every time I see someone else get chosen instead of me, I will…

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    19: 3 Quick Tips to Build Your HOPE

    “I’d love to have tips on how to build your hope in good times and in bad.” Have you ever wondered this? If you’re like my friend, Stephanie, then you’re going to LOVE this episode! Grab your coffee and let’s hang out as I share with you 3 Quick Tips to Build Your Hope. It’s going to be short and sweet – but packed full of encouragement and easy-to-apply tips that you can begin TODAY. Let’s go! P.S. Are you new to the podcast? Catch up on all episodes HERE.

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    16: 3 Lies About Giving Yourself Grace

    Grace and Courage are my theme words for 2019. Grace is something I spent time learning several years ago, but I’m discovering that this year I’ve got room to grow in. So today we are going to chat about some lies I’ve discovered about giving yourself grace. This is going to be a great episode for my fellow “All or Nothing” type peeps. You can give yourself grace and still be a go-getter! So let’s grab our coffee and dive in… P.S. you can read more on this in my book, She Who Overcomes, now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle or in Episode 14 here

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    Monday Motivation: Your Atmosphere Matters

    How’s the atmosphere in your home lately? I only ask because, well, I’ll explain it with a story… About a month ago we decided we wanted to get a new couch. The only problem was that the couches we liked will only fit in our living room one way. So I suggested that we switch our current furniture around so that we could try it out. We’ve been living with a pretty open floor plan – in fact, we’ve always loved open feelings in our homes. Anyway, we moved the furniture around and it felt somewhat cozy. It was something new and while it cut up the room and made…