Day 14: Hope Rebuilds
30 Days of Dangerous Hope

Day 14: Hope Rebuilds

I admire people that get back up after life knocks them down. The ones that take action. Those that never give up on the dreams inside their hearts no matter how many obstacles they face on the journey. Those are my peeps, ya know! One thing I’ve noticed from so many of those individuals is this: Hope rebuilds.

Take my friend and personal trainer, April Lund. Two years ago she had a dream to run in the Olympics. (You can listen to her story in this podcast episode.)

On her journey to reach this big audacious goal, she experienced unexpected health problems that eventually cost her the time she needed to be under in order to make it to the Olympics. It was a devastating let down for sure, but she didn’t quit. She maintains an Elite Athlete status and keeps running and pushing herself to rise above the health challenges she faces. Her fortitude is an inspiration to an entire community of clients and friends every day.

Hope rebuilds.

My friend and fellow coaching colleague, Kim Nagle, has over three decades of experience as an entrepreneur. She recently told me that her hope deferred, rock bottom season started when she experienced the death of her six month old daughter. She had a half million dollars in medical bills that she couldn’t pay. Her business was going under and her heart was breaking. But she got back up again. Hope rebuilds; and Kim had hope. Her story is one you should listen to – check it out here.

It’s important to remember that not all hope is created equal. Here’s three things you need to know about rebuilding and wrestling with hope:

1. Dangerous Hope is the kind that rebuilds. It’s the only one that rebuilds, actually. If you are the type that rebuilds easily after getting knocked down, pat yourself on the back. You are a Dangerous Hope Agent!

2. False Hope pretends to rebuild. It talks about rebuilding. Dreams about rebuilding. However, it never actually activates the rebuilding. If you find yourself here, take one small step of action today to get yourself back in Dangerous Hope.

3. Hope Deferred gives up and never rebuilds. It believes that when bad things happen, it must be proof that what you hoped for wasn’t meant to be. This limiting belief must be cut down! It’s nothing but a lie! You were meant to overcome and grow stronger because of the hardships. Take one small step today to take action and become a Dangerous Hope Agent.

Hope rebuilds. Even when it has to take time to regroup and heal.

Much love,


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