Day 16: False Hope and Faith

Mine was a vivid imagination as a child. I spent my free time as a child pretending I was someone else. Someone else who never had Cystic Fibrosis.

In first grade I would play in my front yard with a blanket on my head telling anyone that came by, “I’m Maid Marion!” She was my favorite character at the time, and I took every opportunity I had to place myself in her shoes. Legend has it I even told my first grade teacher, Miss Monk, to call me Maid Marion and put up quite a fuss when she didn’t.

As an only child, I had invisible friends. Well, just one. She was my twin sister and her name was Melissa. Melissa did not have CF. She became an alter ego of sorts. Although, her not having CF made no sense genetically, but I digress.

The point is that I wanted to be myself – without cystic fibrosis. Me.

Mandy. Not “CF Mandy.” Just Mandy.

Clearly the world I painted for myself to escape to was one where False Hope ruled. Anything I wanted to be, I could be. Even if that was someone who suddenly did not have the genetic disease she was born with. In False Hope Mandy World, CF didn’t exist. It was magically cured and wasn’t even a factor.

What False Hope Looks Like

If you look up the synonyms of “false hope” you’ll find words like: daydream; wishful thinking; fantasy. Imagination as a kid is an important part of development; however, as I look back I see that in my imagination I desired to be free of this incurable disease. That desire didn’t go away as an adult, instead it manifested itself in new ways. I think False Hope looks a bit different now as an adult then it did as a kid.

False hope shows up when we retreat to fiction and avoid doing the hard things. In this action, we trick ourselves into believing that what we are hoping for will just fall into our laps without doing the work to cultivate it. This is just wishful thinking.

False hope shows up when we naively think that the first time we do something we will be great at it. We trick ourselves into believing that the process doesn’t apply to us because our belief is bigger so that must mean it will happen faster. The truth is, when this happens, our ignorance is showing. We’ve got room for growth here.

False Hope and Faith

For those of us who believe in God, false hope can show up when we choose to walk by faith toward something but forget that our Creator is also a very practical God. He likes to mix things up. On occasion he might miraculously provide healing that leaves medical doctors scratching their head, and the next several hundred times he might provide it through the people he created and with medicine. It’s not for us to decide, actually. That’s not faith; that’s control.

False hope and faith is something I’ve been wrestling with for quite some time, honestly. Believing for a miracle for your incurable disease, activating your faith by throwing away your medicine, and then nearly dying because of your choices has a way of doing that.

I’ll be diving deeper into this topic in my book, Dangerous Hope. But until you can hold it in your hands and spend time in this deep content with me, here’s an action step you can do today to move past the False Hope phase of the Hope Cycle – answer these simple questions:

  • How has false hope shown up in my life based on the above examples?
  • What can I do today to activate my faith without also giving in to false hope?

False hope will trip you up my friend. It wants you to stay naive and unprepared for what’s coming so you never reach the destiny you were designed for. The only way to win against it is to bravely face it and embrace new actions. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Before we part today, I’ve got to remind you…

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