Day 17 - False Hope in Business
30 Days of Dangerous Hope

Day 17: False Hope in Business

It’s funny how a pandemic can suddenly make you wish for “the good olds days,” when really, those good old days weren’t exactly shiny and prosperous after all. Ever been there? When you’re an entrepreneur building your dream, false hope in business can blind you. I’ve been there. Here’s an example…

From the winter of 2014 to the spring of 2019, our focus in business was in person events. The big dream back then was to build our life coaching events to 100 people, then 1,000 people, and then finally to 10,000 people. For real. That was the dream.

At first we held our big event (with in person tickets only) once a year. We would fill up smaller workshop events with 10 in person tickets and 30 virtual tickets throughout the rest of the year. Eventually we expanded our yearly event and started offering it quarterly, alternating the location between two different cities in our state.

The End Results Weren’t What We Hoped For

Just to be clear, we never reached the 10,000 person dream. We didn’t even reach the 1,000 person at one event dream. Our largest was 101 back in 2017. From there it went down to 78, then 25, then back up to 35, then 15.

It was a roller-coaster ride that had me constantly jumping for joy on the high days when ticket sales were coming in, and holding myself in the fetal position crying on the low days when the sales were so absent we didn’t know how we would pay our staff and the hotel.

That, my friend, is how false hope in business works. It’s a toxic emotional roller-coaster that leaves your head spinning because instead of looking at the facts and making better decisions, you’re stuck on a feeling. “Hoping” that the next event will save the day, and the business.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you own a business, you need to know the stories of those who are on the journey with you. But also, because a year like 2020 will put things into perspective for you.

Confronting False Hope in Business

Maybe you had some false hope in business at the beginning of this year. And maybe you feel like a failure because of how things turned out this year. I’ll tell you what, we pivoted our business with some tough decisions a month before the shut down happened and it honestly saved our company! Somehow we are still afloat in 2020, even with way less revenue. But this year has me wishing for “the good old days” when we packed 30 women in a small conference room for a day-long conference.

If I knew then what I know now, that conference would have been much more profitable. We would have done things differently and paid attention to our cash flow better. We probably would have stayed in our incubation office a few more years instead of leaping into our own downtown coaching space. A decision that, due to a subleaser backing out a few months later, turned out to be more than we could truly afford.

Our false hope in business caused us to make rookie mistakes because, news flash, we WERE rookies! And that’s what I want you to know today. If you are just starting out, there will be times where you have false hope in business. Times where you naively believe you can fill a ballroom, when the wise choice is to start small and fill a classroom, instead.

Hoping for success in business is a great thing. However, if you don’t back it up with cultivating the right mindsets and habits, you’re just walking in false hope. False hope always trips you up, my friend. It keeps you ignorant. When you start to notice it, seek out a coach or a mentor to help you navigate the path. You don’t have to keep walking in circles, frustrated yet hopeful. It’s time to turn your false hope into dangerous hope that sparks the right kind of action.

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