Day 19 - False Hope and Self-Esteem
30 Days of Dangerous Hope

Day 19: False Hope and Self-Esteem

False Hope and self-esteem are connected more than we realize. A truly confident person is willing to look at their own beliefs and assess which ones are helpful and which one are contributing to their frustrations. They are able to identify when false hope has crept in and how to address it without taking on shame.

Someone with low self-esteem can’t do that. They will keep feeding their own false hope in order to stay away from the discomfort of change.

Here’s a truth that every leader and entrepreneur- scratch that, every PERSON desiring to activate Dangerous Hope – needs to know about false hope and self-esteem:

A day might come when someone tries to undermine your hard work. They might question your motives. Call you names. Try to shame you and place their insecurities on you. They might even walk away…

False Hope will try to tell you that this relationship fell apart because what they said was true. It will try to make you take on their insecurities to stay at their level of low self-esteem and blame. If you are in a place where you’ve worked hard to get where you’re at and you know deep down in your knower that you are an honorable person who wants the best for others, then my friend the truth is that you have out grown that relationship. And that’s okay.

When something like this happens, let it strengthen you. Because the moment you can let it roll off your back…

THAT is the moment that you find out how confident and ready you are.

Someone else’s doubt and insecurity is not your problem to fix. Their false hope and lies do not have to be yours! Your confidence and self-worth is not defined by their low self-esteem. Stay the course. Forgive so you don’t get bitter. And most of all never let them stop you from doing what you were born to do.

Before we part today, I’ve got to remind you…

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