Day 2: Building Blocks of Hope

Some people look at the things they hope for and just…wait. They have this belief that just because they hope for it, it will happen.

I’m here to tell you that’s a lie from the pit of hell. Hope is not devoid of responsibility. In fact, the bigger the thing you are hoping for, the more responsibility you must be ready to take. Here’s what you need to know about the Building Blocks of a Dangerous Hope from the point of view of farming.

Building Block of Hope #1: Preparation

Every Farmer knows that you need to be prepared if you’re going to reap a harvest. You must have a plan of what crops you’re going to plant and where.

Hope is similar. You’ve got to be prepared to plant. You must also be prepared for setbacks. Hoping for something and thinking there will be nothing but smooth waters is foolish. There. Will. Be. Setbacks.


Be prepared for them. Anticipate them. Have a Plan A-Z on how you might dig out of them. Hope requires preparation!

Building Block of Hope #2: Mulch

Every Farmer knows that you must have good soil to plant on if you’re going to reap a harvest. And what does your soil need? Mulch. You need mulch!

What is mulch when it comes to hope?

Disappointments. Mistakes. These are the best kinds of mulch! Why? Because they are the organic matter of life. Disappointments push us to rise up or quit. Mistakes test our resilience and our ability to problem solve. The mulch of life shows us what we are made of.

Your journey of hope will require you to face the mulch of your life. If you don’t, what you plant won’t grow. Hope requires mulch!

Building Block of Hope #3: Commitment

Every Farmer knows that they have to be committed to doing the work in order to reap a harvest. They also know that some seasons they will reap a great harvest because of their commitment, and some seasons they won’t. Both are needed. Both have value.

Are you so committed to what you are hoping for that you’ll stand firm through the seasons where you lose? You must be! Hoping for something only when it’s going your way is not hope. That’s wishing. It’s just luck.

Hope requires commitment.

All three of these building blocks will help you activate a dangerous hope in your life!

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I’ll see you tomorrow with Day 3: Hope is Dangerous.
Until then, be healthy, stay creative, and have a dangerous hope!
Much love,


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