Day 26 - Find Hope Again
30 Days of Dangerous Hope

Day 26 – Disrupting the Setbacks to Find Hope Again

How do you find hope again? You choose to disrupt the setbacks when they happen. One of the definitions of the word disrupt is to, “radically change an industry, etc.” Radically changing your setbacks requires you to gain perspective so you can use the setbacks to find hope again.

This will require you to take out a pen and paper and ask yourself some key questions to help you gain that perspective.

Here’s a short question guide to get you started…

  • What setback happened?
  • Why did you lose hope from it?
  • How would you describe your disappointment right now?
  • What emotions are you feeling because of this?
  • How can you find a new purpose within this setback, even if you might still be sad or disappointed?
  • What might be possible now that wouldn’t be had things originally gone as you had hoped?
  • What actions will you take to move forward?

Finding your hope again doesn’t have to be long or drawn out. Use this question guide whenever a setback happens. It will help you process your let downs so you can ignite dangerous hope again and again.

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