Day 29 – Becoming A Dangerous Hope Agent
30 Days of Dangerous Hope

Day 29 – Becoming A Dangerous Hope Agent

Sometimes the worst thing that happens to us becomes the very thing we needed to find meaning and purpose. However, we don’t think about that when we take the leap of faith into the unknown adventure of dangerous hope. We simply take a deep breath and jump. The truth is that becoming an agent of dangerous hope requires a clear sense of self-awareness and a plan.

I’ll be diving into this deeply in my book. But for today, here’s a quick guide on how to become an agent of dangerous hope so you can consistently turn your disappointments into something meaningful.

Step 1: Be your own biggest cheerleader of dangerous hope.

The voice you listen to the most is your own. Which means you’ve got to become your own biggest cheerleader! Encourage yourself as you take action. Remember: dangerous hope is hope that takes action! It’s dangerous because bad news doesn’t stop it, setbacks don’t derail it, and not even death can snuff it out because it lives on in the lives of those it touches.

If you’ve already sparked dangerous hope, keep taking action and encourage yourself every step of the way!

Step 2: Confront your wishful thinking and unrealistic expectations.

This is where avoidance creeps in. Don’t let it! People want to ignore this part because it is uncomfortable. Remember: false hope is hope that wishes and doesn’t prepare for any setbacks. Now you know better.

So as you are hoping and taking action, prepare for the let downs and set backs! They will come from time to time. You can’t skip them so you might as well confront them and have a plan of attack in place to problem solve through them.

Step 3: Lean into the disappointments and admit them, then get back up again and keep going.

Admitting your disappointments isn’t a negative thing. It’s the only way to grow stronger through them! Remember: hope deferred is where many people get stuck and depressed because they keep stewing on the hurt. Lean into your disappointments, process them, and then get back up again.

Your disappointments aren’t the enemy. They are the mirror. They show you what you are passionate about. Don’t wallow in them. Rise up because of them! They show you where you can grow.

Never stop hoping, my friend. Make the choice to step into the identity of an agent of dangerous hope. When it seems all Hope is lost, let yourself cry about it, get some sleep, and dare to get up again the next morning and hope another day.

Much love,

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