Day 3: Hope Is Dangerous

I’m a total nerd who loves books, coffee, and fandoms. One of my favorite quotes is from the movie, The Hunger Games, and it is said by the villain, President Snow. He says this, “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous.”

I hate to admit it, but the villain is right. Hope IS dangerous.  For two reasons:

1. Hoping for something you don’t get brings disappointment.

Nobody is immune to disappointments. The problem is that people get stuck focusing on the disappointments and don’t know how to get back up. I’m here to tell you that there’s danger in focusing on the wrong thing! Staying stuck in the disappointments will rob you of what could be. Train yourself to see past the disappointment, into the possibility.

2. Getting what you hoped for sparks change for generations to come.

The most dangerous thing of all to your current reality is getting what you hoped for! Why? It burns down any mediocrity and excuses, that’s why. It pushes you to rise up and reach your potential. And, it usually ends up helping other people in big ways.

The question is, which side of dangerous hope will you be on? The side that sparks change, or the side that fizzles?

My friend, don’t be the person that let’s your hope fizzle out. Be brave enough to wrestle with every side of hope – the let downs and the victories.

Guard your small flicker of hope with everything in you. Do not let anything snuff it out. One day, that little flame of hope, will catch fire in a meaningful way. That’s when you’ll see that your hope is dangerous in the best way possible.

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I’ll see you tomorrow with a special podcast episode for Day 4. Until then, be healthy, stay creative, and have a dangerous hope!

Much love,


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