Day 7: Hoping for Success
30 Days of Dangerous Hope

Day 7: Hoping For Success

A simple Google search of the words “how to be successful” will land you with 1,160,000,000 results. The human race is hoping for success and googling how to get it. Hope can definitely help you be successful, but it won’t land you success on it’s own. Success happens when you activate your hope consistently. Here’s a few ways to plant seeds of success so you move from just hoping for success to actively feeling successful.

Stop Hoping For Success: Plant It By Guarding Your Priorities.

Every successful person understands the power of having healthy boundaries and guarding priorities. This requires you to be crystal clear on what your priorities are in the first place! If you’re tired of just hoping for success and you want to start feeling successful, take a moment to gain some clarity.

Set a timer right now for 5 minutes and jot down – in a notebook or in your notes app on your phone – your top 5 priorities. Then honestly answer this question: How well do you guard your priorities? Meaning, if you say your family is a priority, do you keep working during family time or mindlessly scroll social media instead of being present with your people? If so, that is an area to grow in. You’ll start feeling more successful when you start guarding your priorities and treating them as such.

Plant Success By Moving Your Body More.

Successful people typically have a habit of moving their bodies for at least twenty minutes a day. They are not all gym buffs, though! Moving your body can be as simple as walking or as in depth as working out with a personal trainer or training for a half-marathon. It actually does not matter HOW you move your body, just that you do. Consistently. You’ll start feeling more successful when you move your body at least three times a week for twenty minutes and stop shaming yourself for good intentions with zero follow-through.

Plant Success By Doing A Little Bit Every Day.

Every successful person understands that consistency compounds. A few years ago I had a client that told me she wanted to make one million dollars in her business that year. The problem was she had never even made $12,000 in her business before. Putting pressure on yourself to make seven or six figures in business when you’ve never even made $50,000 can actually cause you to self-sabotage. Give yourself a chance to grow into it!

Plant success in your life by making the commitment to consistently show up and do the work, no matter how many years it takes to get there. Successful people do a little bit every day and allow themselves to grow through the process. You’ll start feeling successful when you consistently show up, too.

Hoping for success and doing nothing to grow toward it is silly. If you’ve had moments in your life where you’ve lived like that, forgive yourself and resolve to rise up. Hoping for success is good. Planting seeds that grow success, is better.

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