Day 11: Hope Never Stops Learning
30 Days of Dangerous Hope,  She Who Overcomes Podcast

Episode 61: Hope Never Stops Learning {Day 11 of 30 Days of Dangerous Hope}

Today’s podcast episode is part of the 30 Days of Dangerous Hope Campaign. Grab your coffee and listen in as I share a personal story about how Hope Never Stops Learning.

“Something has to change, Mandy! We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result!” My coach’s words resonated deep within me on that evening of February 3, 2010.

I so desperately needed to hear what this multi-millionaire was teaching, even if it hurt my pride a little bit…okay, most of the time it hurt my pride a lot because I had a HUGE ego. My coach had the courage to tell me what I needed to hear in order to grow into the woman that God designed me to be. That evening, I learned more about myself than ever before.

One of roughly fifty students in an online accountability class, the time had come to stop sitting on the fence and get to work. This was a serious class with an investment of $2,000 and the possibility of getting kicked out if your homework wasn’t emailed in on time. The entire focus of the class was to help us develop our skills in business, debt, and time management. My stomach churned with butterflies as I dialed *2 on my phone to raise my hand and ask a question.

“Okay, Mandy Anderson…how can I help you tonight?” asked my coach.

“Well,” I started out softly—almost too quiet to even hear myself ask the question that, in my mind, seemed to have no answer, “I have a hard time managing my home business with my life and I have a tendency to make myself sick because I’m doing too much.”

Over the next several moments I explained how my life consisted of working full-time in a new position at a hotel and being stressed out because this brand new position was designed specifically for my skillset.  On top of all the “newness,” I wanted to keep building my home business ten hours a week. After taking time off from my home business because of a hospital stay a few months earlier, I was ready to dive in again head first and get this thing figured out!

“So, what you have is a very stressful full-time new job that requires a learning curve,” my coach began to explain. “You just got out of the hospital because you wore yourself out and stretched yourself too thin.  Prior to going into the hospital you were working forty hours a week plus an additional eight to ten hours per week on your home business. So…eight to ten hours per week plus forty hours per week equals two weeks in the hospital. Do you see the recipe?”

Honestly, it had never occurred to me to look at the recipe before.

No one had ever taken the time to sit down with me and point it out.  (And this is where I hope your ears are perking up. Have you looked at the recipe of your life lately? Something to think about!)

“So you got out of the hospital and now you want to go BACK to ten hours per week!” My coach exclaimed with a compassionate chuckle that eased the tension and confusion oozing out of me and into the phone line. “We still have the full time job, still have CF, still have ten hours per week and we still have a tendency of doing that to yourself! Something has to change, Mandy! We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. You are a beautiful, intelligent woman and never in a million years would I have ever thought that you had this thing—CF—going on with your body. So here’s what we’re going to do…”

She went on to help me craft a schedule. One that was doable for my lifestyle while still working towards my dreams. She also pointed out to me that I needed more fun in my life. There was too much intensity in my world.

“Since you ‘fight’ this disease every day, it means you are fighting most of your life. There needs to be to a point of release in having some fun,” she compassionately explained. “We’re going to make it to the finish line alive! Alive would be good, Mandy—not suffering with pain, not two weeks in the hospital. We’re going to train for the marathon, not the sprint. Let’s get you healed and healthy!”

It seems so funny to be sharing this story with you. Thinking back to that evening, it never crossed my mind that her words would be such a profound message that would carry over into the lives of others as well. Have you ever stopped to look at the recipe going on in your own life?

Every single successful person has had to face their demons.

That’s what makes them successful. Learning how to face what haunts you and knowing what to do so you can overcome is one of the most valuable skills to possess. There’s nothing more important than continuing to learn and grow on our journey. We were never designed to stay the same. We were designed to succeed, to be healed, to make a difference and to leave a legacy for others to learn from.

When we wake up one day and find that our dreams have been stomped out of our hearts because of our circumstances or because people crushed our spirits, our next step is to find someone who has what we want and begin to learn from them. It’s the only way to get back up and overcome the obstacles that keep winning.

Until the moment that my coach pointed out how much “fighting” was going on in my life, I had no clue that’s what I was doing. Being vulnerable enough to even admit there was something agitating me from deep inside my brain every single day seemed way too frightening. The moment she said it though, a bolt of peace surged through my entire body. Finally that “thing” that was inside of me—the thing that kept wearing me down day in and day out—was identified. It was the fight. The fight to breathe, the fight to live, the fight to prove others wrong, the fight to beat the clock…the fight to be me. 

Maybe you’ve felt that same fight within yourself.

You’ve been yearning to feel a surge of peace bolt throughout your own body. Maybe you’re ready to find a mentor who will help you discover what’s holding you back so you can finally rise up and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being. Those visions you see inside your head are there for a reason. They are proof of what’s to come, IF you seek out a mentor and are willing to go through the refinement process so you can receive it.

The job of a mentor is to push us outside of our comfort zone and point out the habits that keep us stuck in life. Few mentors truly have the courage to shine light on the tough things. A great mentor will love you enough to say things that at times will make you mad and offend you. His or her job is to shine a light on the locked doors of your heart covered in cobwebs so you can finally do the spring cleaning you’ve been avoiding for years.

It’s not easy to be vulnerable with yourself when you’re born with a disease, or when you’re the parent of a child that has a disease. Vulnerability isn’t easy – period! It’s much easier to just go through the motions of living and pretend like nothing is wrong. It’s much easier to give up and give in to the people who say it can’t be done or it won’t work. Telling the voices of worry, fear, and doubt to shut up and go back to hell where they belong requires tremendous strength and if we don’t have someone encouraging us along the way, we’re more likely to quit. Mentors have a way of encouraging us and lighting a fire under our butts at the same time!

The moment we become stagnant and stop learning is the moment that we have lost the race. That’s the moment when our hope begins to die.

Write this down: HOPE never stops learning!

When our days become nothing more than the same old routines with no sense of adventure, growth, or dreams then we are merely existing. The Dangerous Hope life that we were meant to live begins to scream for escape!

Let’s put the color back into our lives, promise each other and ourselves, to keep growing no matter how painful the discoveries are. Let’s resolve to seek out a mentor that will love us enough to tell us the truth so that we can dig out the roots of all the weeds that choke us out, which opens the door to our destiny. If you need a mentor, I’d love to be that for you!

In fact, for a very limited time, you can work with me for FREE when you pre-order 15 or more copies of my upcoming book, Dangerous Hope. You’ll get a 60 minute coaching session with me, plus access to the Build Hope Library full of coaching videos and downloads to help you activate your hope and learning THIS WEEK. You’ve got until November 10th to take advantage of this! Visit to pre-order your copies today!

Alright guys. That’s it for now. I’ll see you next week for another episode. Until then, be healthy, stay creative, and have a dangerous hope!

Much love,


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