How Often Should You Change Your Running Shoes?

It was a beautiful fall day when I stood with my fellow runners from track team on the sidelines of the track, listening to our Coach. In a stern yet upbeat tone she asked us, “how often should you change your running shoes?” We all stood silently for a moment and then I yelled out, “every 300-500 miles!”

I knew the answer because she had told it to me a few weeks earlier during one of my training sessions with her. However, it wasn’t the first time I had heard this. Back in 2015, for a very brief moment in time, I worked as a Sales Associate at one of the largest sporting goods stores in our state: Scheels. During the extensive training that I had to take – where I learned all types of useless details about sports I never thought I’d care about such as boxing and running (the joke was on me, I now love both!) – I learned the value of having a good pair of running shoes and how often one must change them when they are an avid runner. Your shoes are super important when you decide to become a runner! So now you know the answer. But I’m not going to stop there because 1) this blogpost needs to be a smidge longer and 2) maybe there are a few more tips you need to know as a newbie runner. Here goes…

Have two pairs of running shoes at all times.

Most gyms require in door shoes only so be prepared. I suggest keeping your gym pair in your gym bag always and forever until it is time to replace them. Then, when you get a brand new pair because your 300-500 miles have been met, simply move your old gym pair to your new-used outdoor pair. (Seems like a no-brainer, I know, but sometimes simple things trip us up.)

Stick with the style that fits.

Try on different styles and brands and when you find a comfy one, get two pairs – one in each color even! While I’m a Nike girl at heart, I’m discovering for myself (and from other runners) that the Brooks brand of running shoes are super comfy! I highly suggest getting your running shoes from a reputable sporting good store, and not just at Walmart or Target. Yes, you will pay more for them, but they will be better for your feet AND you’ll have the added bonus of getting a professional sales person to answer your questions.

Break shoes in before running long distances.

I made the mistake once of wearing a brand new pair of running shoes on a long seven mile run. Oopsie! That resulted in a blister on my heal and a black and blue toe! Won’t make that mistake again. It’s best to break shoes in a few times on shorter runs before relying on them for the long ones.

Keep track of your miles in your calendar or in an App.

If you plan on running 10-15 miles a week, you’ll need to replace your shoes every 7-9 months. If you are running double that, then you’ll need to replace them every 3-5 months. You can keep track of this in your Map My Run app or in your calendar (paper or digital versions).

If you’re a newbie runner, these tips will be super helpful as you build your endurance and your love for this new adventure. Soon you’ll be running 5k’s, 10k’s, and maybe even a half or full marathon! (By the way, working 1-on-1 with a coach can help you reach your goals faster! *wink*) Never say never…

Happy running!

Much love,

~Coach Mandy

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