How To Organize A Week’s Worth Of Outfits

My very first grown up job was working full time at The Limited (back when it was an actual store you could walk into – oh those were the days). This is where I learned the art of how to organize outfits. You guys it was no joke. This was serious, hardcore sales training where you had to know the fit, the feature, the function, and the fashion behind each new item that was on the top item list! (We practically got graded on our presentations during staff trainings.) Not gonna lie though, I secretly loved it! Putting together outfits is actually quite fun.

Not too long ago I read an article about how successful people such as Mark Zuckerburg and the late Steve Jobs wear the same outfit every day to cut down on wasted creative energy. That’s a great tip, however as a woman who enjoys fashion, I have a hard time being all in on that one. Somehow having twenty of the same shirts and pants to wear every day seems boring as can be to me.

Instead, I have embraced the habit of putting together a week’s worth of outfits all at one time. In fact, this is one of my secrets to having a productive week. Every Sunday night I take 30-60 minutes to put together my outfits for the week so that I don’t waste creative energy and precious time in the morning. Here’s how I do it…

Check your schedule and the weather.

This is the first thing I do when I’m getting my outfits together. Some weeks I meet with a ton of clients, have more business meetings, or have speaking engagements while other weeks are more creative which means some weeks I dress up, and sometimes I don’t. So I always check my schedule. And since I walk from a parking garage for two blocks, and our office heating system is fickle and mean, I always check the weather so I know how many layers to wear.

Pick a color scheme.

It’s always easier to organize outfits when you have a color scheme in mind. It takes way less creative energy to have a color theme for the week. (This is a great packing tip for trips, too!)

Hang outfits all together in a designated area in your closet.

This is the secret of how to organize outfits – hang them all together. Which brings up another tip – get good hangers! You’ll want to hang your pants first, then your top and any jackets. You’ll also want to designate a spot in your closet for your weekly wardrobe to live. The more organized you can be at the start of the week, the less stressed you’ll be throughout the week!

Add accessories!

Accessories are where the fun happens! So be sure to hang all belts, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with each outfit. The earrings can be a bit tricky so you might need to designate an area in your jewelry box or dresser top to lineup the earrings for the week.

Here’s one last bonus tip: Remember to include a few extra options for the week just in case your mood is different and you suddenly don’t like what you put together. 😉 This happens to me every so often and having those extra outfits put together helps a ton!

You may also want to take a photo of each outfit and post it in a private Pinterest board so you can keep track of the outfit combinations that you have created. You’d be surprised how helpful this is in the future when you suddenly hate everything in your closet!

Learning how to organize outfits takes a little bit of practice but Girl, (or guy), you can totally do it! And when you make this habit a part of your weekly routine, you’ll be so surprised at how much more on your A-game you feel!

Much love,

~Coach Mandy

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