Monday Motivation: Your Atmosphere Matters

How’s the atmosphere in your home lately? I only ask because, well, I’ll explain it with a story…

About a month ago we decided we wanted to get a new couch. The only problem was that the couches we liked will only fit in our living room one way. So I suggested that we switch our current furniture around so that we could try it out. We’ve been living with a pretty open floor plan – in fact, we’ve always loved open feelings in our homes. Anyway, we moved the furniture around and it felt somewhat cozy. It was something new and while it cut up the room and made it smaller, something about it felt quaint and enchanting to me so I told myself I loved it and that was that.

Until it wasn’t. You guys, I woke up a few days ago and all I could think was, “Ick. I hate this setup!”

It’s like my brain couldn’t function in my home anymore. Cozy snuggling with my hubby felt off. My neck hurt all the time because out couch was too close to the tv now and we couldn’t change it because walls. My favorite chair wasn’t working either because it just felt off in its new place. It was weird! I’m a “Feeler” and it felt like a completely foreign space to me. I kept asking Nate if he liked the living room setup and his answer was always, “I’m not sure.”

So yesterday morning we switched it back. We decided to wait on getting a new couch and we put the room back the way it was before this crazy idea popped into our heads. And you know what happened?

Instantly the entire place felt calm again. It felt welcoming. It felt like home again.

So I’m asking you this question again: how’s the atmosphere in your home lately?

It matters, so pay attention. Little things such as color schemes and furniture placement can be the difference between a home that inspires you to fully live your dreams or a home that makes you feel dull and depressed!

Get motivated again by making one or two small changes to how your home looks and feels! Not even kidding. The moment the living room went back to how it was, I felt like I could breathe again. I didn’t even notice how caved in I felt in my own home until then.

Pay attention to what feeds your soul and what squashes you, and then make the necessary changes!

Much love,
~Coach Mandy

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