Renew! 30 Day Journal To Better Health

Renew! 30 Day Journal To Better Health

Renewmarketing1“Yay for Mandy’s e-book Renew! 30 Days To Better Health. I particularly love the whole wheat tortilla, peanut butter and fruit snack. Also, I love the balsamic chicken and several of the salads. The whole book is full of delicious healthy recipes and tips, allowing me to receive the nutrients my body needs to stay healthy as well as enjoy the taste of my food!” ~Ashley Downing

It’s your personal health coaching session in a book!

Let’s GO! Get Started NOW!

Cost $37.00


Dear Friend,

Today is your day.

Today is the day that you begin to restore your health. Renew your hopes of having more energy and recover from the aches and pains that have plagued you for more years than you can count. No more eating out of boxes and wondering why you just can’t reach your health goals!

When I started on my own personal journey of paying attention to the food I put in my body and choosing real food, I didn’t expect to see many results. You see, I was born with cystic fibrosis and never really paid attention to what I ate because the goal was to just eat more food and make sure I was at a healthy weight. Imagine my surprise when I began to implement eating real food and experienced more energy, less headaches, and a stronger body overall. I certainly never expected that this one decision would lead me to design a health journal with recipes that could help other people! But that’s what happened…first I learned some tips on how to get rid of pain and inflammation in my body; next I learned how to improvise on recipes and make yummy meals out of the ingredients that I had from leftovers. Now here we are – sharing these tips with you so that you can finally live the life of better health that you’ve dreamed of!


YOUR 60+ page e-workbook includes…

  • Over 40 Delicious Recipes (pages 10-30)
  • Weekly Meal Plans (pages 8, 15, 21, and 26)
  • Shopping Lists (pages 9, 16, 22, and 27)
  • A 30 Day Health Journal to help you keep track of how the food you eat makes you feel and think (pages 33-62)
  • Feel Better Tips for easing pain and inflammation (page 4)
  • Meal prepping tips (page 6)
  • And MORE!!

A Sneak Peek Into Your Workbook



paperbackbookstandingIt’s your personal health coaching session in a book!

Let’s GO! Get Started NOW! $37.00


All the guess work is taken out of it – you get the easy part!

You can do this. I believe in you.

Today is your day to…Renew Your Health!

~ Mandy B. Anderson


“Using @mandybanderson ‘Renew: 30 Days to Better Health Journal’ to meal plan this week and next. This thing is awesome!! Thanks for creating it Mandy!!” ~Raychel Chumley

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