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    78: Rachel Linden, Author of The Enlightenment of Bees

    In December of 2020, I stumbled upon a book called The Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden. Nestled within the bookshelf like a hidden treasure, it jumped out at me because of the vibrant yellow and white coloring on the cover. Reading the description on the back cover sealed the deal that this was the book for me in this season. It simply read this, "In a romantic adventure across the globe, The Enlightenment of Bees beautifully explores what it means to find the sweet spot in life where our greatest passions meet the world's greatest needs."

  • She Who Overcomes Podcast Episode 77: Best Practices To Unleash Your Creativity
    She Who Overcomes Podcast

    77: Best Practices To Unleash Your Creativity

    When you think about Creativity, what comes to mind? Creativity is not a skill limited to artists, musicians, or writers. It’s a crucial skill every leader can and should develop. Creativity makes space for thinking about new ideas to old problems. It sharpens your critical thinking and problem-solving skills! And, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are crucial for your success! Today on the show, we dive into some best practices to unleash your creativity so you can live and lead well. Grab your coffee and let’s go…

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    76: 2 Ways You Self-Sabotage

    Let's talk about self-sabotage. It's the thing that happens whenever you undermine your efforts toward something better. We all struggle with self-sabotage from time to time. Self-sabotage shows up in leadership, in business, in creativity, in relationships, in the journey of having a healthy lifestyle; it shows up in a lot of places, actually. Anytime you set a goal for a positive life change, you set yourself up for possible self-sabotage. But don't let that scare you! When you are unaware of it, that's when it is dangerous. This episode is your training ground. We want to help you recognize self-sabotage in two ways - one that is not often…

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    75: A Crisis In Faith with Sabrina Walker Hernandez

    Sometimes you meet the most wonderful people when you get out of your comfort zone and network online. That’s how I met today’s guest, Sabrina Walker Hernandez. She replied to my book campaign email and then pre-ordered my book and in that moment, she gave me hope. Hope that a perfect stranger believed in me enough to pre-order a book I hadn’t even written yet! Little did I know how amazing our conversation would be when we finally met over Zoom. We talked about overcoming illness, making it matter, and what it was like to experience a crisis in faith. Her story is powerful, and her passion is undeniable. Listen…