Things That Make Me Laugh

Happy Friday! Winter is mad today in Bismarck, North Dakota and I am currently sitting at my desk in the office with a piping hot cup of joe, while listening to the melodies of snow removal vehicles outside. It’s quite magical if I do say so myself. LOL! Speaking of laughing out loud, today’s Friday Fun post is nothing but snarky photos that I hope bring laughter to your day. So pull up a chair and let’s both chuckle at this list of five Pinterest pins – the things that make me laugh!

What went wrong here?

Seriously. This confuses me on so. many. levels. Why wold you do this to your daughter’s hair? Also, can someone please fix her tag that’s sticking up? I’m sure all my Green, Emerald, OCD friends would love to have that fixed as well! *wink*

I need this sign.

If I walked into someone’s bathroom and saw this on the wall, or nestled on the counter somehow, I would totally chuckle and know that these peeps are my kind of peeps. It’s a gift idea for the Anderson’s for real! Witty signage will always be on my list of things that make me laugh! *sips coffee and wonders why she doesn’t go to Hobby Lobby more often. Oh yeah. Recovering shopaholic, that’s why.*

My phone wishes I were cool…

This cracks me up! My phone changes words all the time, too! Some of the top auto-correct fails that my phone has done include:

  • switching “Ugh” to “Uganda” (this is now a hilarious inside joke with me and my besties.)
  • telling my mother “okie spike!” when what I really meant was “okie dokie.” If you get an okie spike text from me, you now know what I really meant.
  • And last, but certainly not least, this fail: BANANA!!!! (To this day Raychel and I still don’t know what we were trying to text each other. All we know is that our phones want us to eat more bananas.)

Writer humor.

Writers are interesting creatures and this coffee cup is real on so many levels. You’ve been warned!

Bra math.

Bahahaha!!! Can I get an amen, sister friends? This is SO REAL, RIGHT?!

Alright, so hopefully you’ve had a chuckle or a belly laugh with me as we traveled down the list of things that make me laugh. Stay warm if it’s snowy and stay happy if it’s sunny.

Much love,

~Coach Mandy

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