30 Days No Lattes Challenge

by Mandy B. Anderson on August 25, 2014

IMG 1526 0 30 Days No Lattes Challenge30 Days No Lattes Challenge
Health & Nutrition

By: Mandy B. Anderson

It’s true. This week on The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show I’m confessing my weaknesses. I get real with you on the topic of food addictions – specifically, my own food addictions. It’s not an easy subject, but it’s one that must be addressed.

Why would I do this?

Why would I admit any kind of struggles with food to you? After all, I’m a Health Coach. I’m supposed to have it all together all the time. Right?


Poor planning, traveling, and a surgery and hospital stay made it challenging for me to keep up with the healthy eating lifestyle I’ve come to thrive on. So I gave myself grace and set a date to reset my taste buds. You see, perfection is a recipe for disaster and the moment we expect perfection from those we look up to, as well as ourselves, we set ourselves up to be let down. To fail. There’s a difference between perfection and an attitude of excellence, and it’s true when it comes to our health too. So besides baring my weaknesses with you with the full intention of helping you learn something new to apply to your own life, I’m also challenging myself – and you – to take the…

30 Days No Lattes Challenge!

Are you up for it? If so, here’s how to START…

1. Say NO to lattes for the next 30 days. Only black coffee is allowed (almond milk is okay to add if needed). If lattes aren’t your thing, but soda or energy drinks are, then switch the challenge to 30 Days No Soda or Energy Drinks. 

2. Replace your latte cravings with a healthy Juice Plus+ Complete Shake at least once a day in either chocolate or vanilla. Order here.
IMG 1525 30 Days No Lattes Challenge When you do, you’ll get FREE access to my secret Healthy Living #HLR JP+ Facebook group where I will be sharing weekly tips and recipes to help you be successful with your health goals. It’s also a great place to meet a community of people excited about better health! 

3. Add more fruits and vegetables to your plate – or shakes – every day to feed your body with great nutrition.

4. Contact me for one on one health coaching to take your health goals to the next level, FASTER!

So that’s it. Easy peasy!

I can’t wait to see your progress 30 days from now. You can do it! You’re not alone! And most of all…I believe in you!

Until next time…
Be blessed, be healthy, and be inspired!

This challenge is sponsored by The Juice Plus+ Company. Big Blue Couch Coaching, LLC is only associated with the health coaching services mentioned above. 

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Quality Time Is Important

by Mandy B. Anderson on August 16, 2014

Learn to be still. Listen. Quality time is more important than the to-do list. #marriage #inspire #lifetip

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Married to the Chronically Ill

by Mandy B. Anderson on August 10, 2014

Chronically ill 300x300 Married to the Chronically IllMarried to the Chronically Ill
Attitude & Lifestyle

By: Mandy B. Anderson

For better or worse, rich or poor, in sickness and in health.”

In sickness and in health. That phrase weights heavy on the lips of those who marry someone with an incurable disease. In fact, it’s the fear of the “in sickness” part that sends people running the other way. It takes a courage person to commit to a life of loving another who is chronically ill. It is equally courageous for the chronically ill one to be vulnerable enough to let someone love her.

As I write this I am celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary with my husband, Nate. Tonight we won’t be dressing up and fining dining because I just got out of the hospital for a cystic fibrosis tune up and sinus surgery. The PICC line is still in, IV meds are still being taken every 8 hours, pain killers are still my new best friend (although we are beginning to drift apart), my tongue is raw so everything tastes fuzzy, and let’s just say that my plumbing is taking its sweet time due to the chemical confusion happening inside my body.

I do not feel sexy. I barely feel like a functioning human being right now, but that doesn’t matter to my husband. To him, I’m still beautiful. Sexy. The focus of his love and affection whom he is happy to take care of.

It wasn’t always like this. In the early years of our marriage, if I ended up in the hospital for a tune up, he would stay home and work. I would see him on the weekends, but that was it. My parents would drive me two and a half hours to the hospital, stay with me a night or two, then leave and come back 12 days later to bring me home. It bothered me that my husband wasn’t there, but I also understood that he needed to work so we could pay our bills. So I never said anything.

Until one day I did. After fighting to overcome cystic fibrosis, PTSD, a miscarriage, and heartbreak from the traumatic events of our lives, I broke down. I found the courage to let him in.

That’s when things changed.

Through the years that followed, I discovered the meaning of true love. You see, any man can tell you he loves you and then make your heart swoon with lust as he has his way with you. It takes a courageous man to show real love to a woman who can’t return it in the way he wishes during seasons of sickness; to understand that his wife’s nonexistent sex drive in no way means he is undesirable, but rather that her body needs to rest and heal after all it has been through.

While some of this article might seem a bit more negative than my usual posts, I have to share it with you because it is real and it is raw. Nate has shown me what real love is and my hope is that giving you a glimpse into our lives will inspire you to love fully and completely, no matter what.

Real love is…

  • Washing your wife’s hair when she’s in the hospital and can’t do it herself, and making her laugh as he does.
  • Calming her down from panic attacks by using a soft, soothing voice and saying “you’re okay.”
  • Carrying your wife to and from the bathroom when she’s too frail to walk on her own.
  • Cooking her favorite meals and buying her favorite snacks when she’s hopped up on pain pills snoozing the days away.
  • Telling her she’s beautiful when she feels anything but.
  • Back rubs and caresses on the nights when her illness is barreling down on her chest and she can’t love him like she wants to.
  • A soft kiss on the forehead when her nose is aching from sinus surgery.
  • Gentle hugs as he whispers, “you rest, I’ll clean up.”
  • Reminding your wife that she is amazing and God has a purpose for her life even when she is hopped up on antidepressants and can’t think a full thought.
  • Holding her as she cries on the anniversary of her miscarriage, and shedding a few tears with her of what might have been.
  • Speaking life over her every single day and sending life giving text messages when you are apart.
  • Reminding her that she is more than a disease, and that this too shall pass.

Granted, many of these things happened years ago (some happened just this week), but they are the precious moments I hold on to when I think of our marriage. And none of them would have happened had I not found the courage to let him in.

There’s a false belief that says chronically ill people will never find love. That its too hard to love sick people. Friends, that’s nothing but a lie. Don’t give up on finding real love…and once you have, don’t push it away by hiding yourself. Be real, authentic, and vulnerable with your spouse. It’s the key to a lasting, loving marriage.

Until next time…
Be blessed, be healthy, and be inspired!

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