Today Is The Day…

by Mandy B. Anderson on September 29, 2014

Today Is The Day…
Introducing Unashamed: Embracing Your Authentic Self In A Cookie Cutter World 30 Day Online Study
By: Mandy B. Anderson

Unashamed INTRO 1024x682 Today Is The Day...

Today is the day. Too much time has been wasted hiding in the shadows, trying to fit in. My light has been dimmed by the pressures and expectations of this world and I won’t stand for it anymore. It’s time to believe that still, small voice inside that whispers across my heart, “You are enough.”

Today is the day. I’m done arguing with myself, constantly tearing myself done. I’m done comparing myself to others and doubting the compliments I’ve been given, wondering if there’s an ulterior motive dancing off their lips. I’m done feeling ashamed because I’m good at something or I look a certain way and others don’t like it. I’m done hiding who I’ve been designed to be for fear of not being accepted.  I am already accepted by the One who created me…and that’s enough.

Today is the day that I choose to live as one who is unashamed. The world has enough people pretending to fit the cookie cutter mold. That’s not me! It has never been me and I’m done being choked by it. So today is the day that I rise up and believe the truth about me, ultimately embracing my authentic self!

I am enough…because God says I am.
I am chosen…because He says I am.
I am unashamed…because He designed me.

I know I’m not alone in this.

Many women have sat across from me with the same pressures and doubts clouding their vision. They, too, have believed the lies that say they will never be enough. They have felt ugly, incompetent, fat, unloved, unworthy, and ashamed of their talents and abilities because someone put them down with trails of careless words. They sit across from me with tears in their eyes, wondering if they really could be loved by their Heavenly Father.

Maybe you have felt this way too.

Dear Beautiful Friend, if you’re ready to live unashamed too, then I invite you to join me for a 30 day journey into the book of Ephesians as we discover, together, who God says we are. Each day we will dive deeper into what the Word of God says and we will begin to write our own “Truth About Me Statements” to erase the lies that have held us captive for far too long. Together we will emerge on the other side of this journey with the courage and resolve to live our lives in the full freedom of Christ as women who are one hundred percent unashamed.

We can’t afford to waste any more precious time believing the lies! You and I have been put on this earth for a reason and it’s time to live authentically so we can accomplish our assignment. Unashamed. Authentic.

Mark your calendar and JOIN ME this Wednesday, October 1st at 6:00 AM central standard time for day 1 of this unique, 30 day online Bible study. I’ll be here with my coffee, a journal, my Bible, and an open heart ready to receive what God has for me. I hope to see you here with me…

Be blessed, Be healthy, Be inspired

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The 5 Steps Of G.R.A.C.E.

by Mandy B. Anderson on September 26, 2014

Grace 300x300 The 5 Steps Of G.R.A.C.E.The 5 Steps of G.R.A.C.E
Confessions of a Life & Health Coach
By: Mandy B. Anderson

Contrary to popular belief, I did not keel over from the #30DaysNoLattesChallenge. It looks that way though, doesn’t it? I mean, the last time I posted an article on this blog was on September 1st and it’s now September 26th so it’s easy to see how someone could think that after one week of no lattes I spontaneously combusted. The truth is entirely something else. I finished the 30 day challenge, however I do have a confession to make: on day 25, I caved. I picked right back up where I left off the very next day, but for a brief moment, during an emotional roller coaster, I cracked. The result was a beautiful lesson on grace…

Day 25 was the day that Raychel and I took a therapeutic road trip to hold each other accountable and deal with some emotions and beliefs from our pasts that were keeping us stuck. We always say we are nothing if not real, so we have to practice what we preach! This particular day brought us to two different cemeteries, a park bench, and a football field all in a total of seven hours and just over 240 miles. It was emotional. Exhausting. Liberating. And the kind of trip that requires nostalgic comfort. So yes, I cracked and chose to embrace a grande soy caramel macchiato at the beginning of the day. Ugh! To be honest, in that moment I felt like such a failure and a horrible health coach. And that’s exactly the moment that a small, five letter word whispered across my heart.


It’s something I teach my clients to extend to themselves. I remind them often and reassure them that they are doing the best they can and that’s good enough. I remind them that mistakes are to be expected and not to beat themselves up about it. AT work, I do this. With my clients, I do this. Yet, I often forget to give it to myself. I am my own worst critic. And maybe you can relate?

The dictionary defines grace in many ways – here are two of them:  

  • a manifestation of favor, especially by a superior (a.k.a. forgiveness, charity, and mercifulness.)
  • mercy; clemency; pardon

How many times do we struggle with giving ourselves forgiveness, favor, or mercy? Based on my line of work, I’d say it’s more times than we can count! But there is a better way. We can choose G.R.A.C.E. instead of perfection. Today, I’m choosing to be thankful for Day 25, because without it, I wouldn’t have discovered the 5 Steps of G.R.A.C.E.

1. Gain Perspective – Giving ourselves grace requires that we gain some perspective. Perspective on where we are at, where we came from, and where we want to go. Making a mistake doesn’t make us bad people. It simply means that there is an opportunity for more growth. When we encounter moments where grace is needed, it’s the perfect opportunity to choose to see things in a new light. 

2. Release the Guilt – Giving ourselves grace requires us to release the guilt. There’s no such thing as perfect people. Perfection is unattainable so do yourself a favor and release yourself from the guilt of not measuring up to other people’s standards. Release yourself from the guilt of making mistakes. You are good enough right now. In this moment. Not because I say so, but because God says so. He sees who you are now and who you are becoming. And guess what? He loves you through it all. So let it go. Guilt only holds you back from the amazing things waiting in your future. Release it and be done with it for good!

3. Allow Your Body to Rest and Relax – Giving ourselves grace requires us to allow our bodies to rest and relax. We run out of steam when we push ourselves too hard. Rest and relaxation are great ways to recharge not only our bodies, but also our weary souls and fragile emotions. The tension of perfectionism takes a toll on us physically, mentally, and spiritually so give yourself some grace this week to rest and relax.

4. Choose to Forgive – Giving ourselves grace requires us to choose forgiveness. Forgiveness toward others, yes, but mostly forgiveness towards…ourselves. Make it a habit to forgive yourself when you let yourself down. Recognize what you’re doing right and celebrate that while letting go of the pressure that you place on yourself. Forgiveness heals. Forgiveness matters. So choose to forgive.

5. Embrace Truth –  Giving ourselves grace requires us to embrace truth. First, embrace God’s truth of who He says you are. He says you are whole, holy, free, energetic, and strong! (Ephesians 1:1-19, MSG) Begin embracing that truth and then begin to embrace the truth of your situation. If we don’t face the truth of where we are right now, we can’t move forward in the right direction. It’s impossible! So embrace the truth because the truth will always set you free.

Practice these five steps daily, and always, always, always…give yourself grace.

Until next time…
Be blessed, be healthy, and be inspired!

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How did today’s article impact you? Share your thoughts below!


Week 1 – #30DaysNoLattesChallenge

by Mandy B. Anderson on September 1, 2014

Week 1 Recap – #30DaysNoLattesChallenge
Health & Nutrition

By: Mandy B. Anderson

I did it. I survived week 1 of the #30DaysNoLattesChallenge. And it hasn’t even been hard! Seriously. My feet have not crossed the threshold of a Starbucks or a coffee shop of any kind, my tastebuds have not been soothed by a steaming cup of sugary frothiness called a latte, and I have not spontaneously combusted from the deprivation of it. In fact, I’ve actually been energized and empowered because of this challenge!

And here’s what I know: if I can do it, you can too.

But maybe you’re wondering how to go about this challenge exactly. If so, here’s a quick run down of how my first week has gone.

Day 1 300x300 Week 1   #30DaysNoLattesChallengeDay 1: Prepped healthy lunches and snacks for this week so I’m not caught off guard during a hangry moment! Pictured here: Homemade Protein Balls with JP+ Complete Shake Mix, hard boiled eggs, pre-cooked quinoa ready to grab, pre-portioned kale, avocado, nectarine, and tomato. Healthy crackers are pre-portioned as well. All I have to do in the morning is make my Complete Shake and then grab these items and go! Easy peasy!

Day 2 300x300 Week 1   #30DaysNoLattesChallengeDay 2: First day back in the gym after a month long break. Totally telling the Mandy’s in my head to shut up and crush it no matter how it feels! I’ve had 2 shakes today – Chocolate Complete this morning and Vanilla Complete pre-workout. So thankful for this whole food nutrition!

Day 3 300x300 Week 1   #30DaysNoLattesChallengeDay 3: This recipe has been pinned 242 times so far and it’s YUMMY! I made these this week and I’m enjoying them for breakfast today. Click here to nab the recipe and enjoy!
Day 4: If there was ever a day to FAIL and give in to a grande caramel machiatto craving it would be today. I feel a bit drained after a long day yesterday with little sleep. But instead of following an old habit I’m going to make a new one and walk my body to the kitchen for a healthy shake before heading to the office. That’s right – new habits require new actions!

I know you can do it too – be intentional!

Day 5 300x300 Week 1   #30DaysNoLattesChallengeDay 5: I love water! This isn’t a new habit for me, but it is an important one to embrace, and that’s why I’m highlighting it. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces every day – MORE if you’re super active! I go through 4-5 liters every day easily.

Day 6 300x300 Week 1   #30DaysNoLattesChallengeDay 6: It’s a bit chilly here so I made a fresh cup of coffee with some JP+ Chocolate Complete mix for added protein and flavor. I don’t even miss lattes because I’ve got better things to fill my body with!

Day 7 300x300 Week 1   #30DaysNoLattesChallengeDay 7: So thankful for the shipment of Complete bars that arrived yesterday! Healthy on the go nutrition as I head to church this morning.

Praying that today YOU will be blessed, be healthy, and be inspired!

So that’s my Week 1 recap. I will be here next week with a run down of how week 2 has gone. In the meantime, keep up the great work that you are doing on your end. Celebrate the small victories and rise above the challenges! I believe in you!
Are you up for the challenge? If so, here’s how to START TODAY…

1. Say NO to lattes for the next 30 days. Only black coffee is allowed (almond milk is okay to add if needed). If lattes aren’t your thing, but soda or energy drinks are, then switch the challenge to 30 Days No Soda or Energy Drinks.

2. Replace your latte cravings with a healthy Juice Plus+ Complete Shake at least once a day in either chocolate or vanilla. Order here.
IMG 1525 Week 1   #30DaysNoLattesChallenge When you do, you’ll get FREE access to my secret Healthy Living #HLR JP+ Facebook group where I will be sharing weekly tips and recipes to help you be successful with your health goals. It’s also a great place to meet a community of people excited about better health!

3. Add more fruits and vegetables to your plate – or shakes – every day to feed your body with great nutrition.

4. Contact me for one on one health coaching to take your health goals to the next level, FASTER!

Until next time…
Be blessed, be healthy, and be inspired!

This challenge is sponsored by The Juice Plus+ Company. Big Blue Couch Coaching, LLC is only associated with the health coaching services mentioned above.

Womens Retreat 7258 150x150 Week 1   #30DaysNoLattesChallenge


Are you accepting the #30DaysNoLattesChallenge? If so, share your experience below! I love hearing from you!


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